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Mediation is a private, voluntary, and confidential meeting between you the person with whom you are having a dispute.  The hope is that you can arrive at an agreement that you both can live with.


No one will force you into an agreement.  Agreements may be legally binding and enforceable in a court of law.

Mediation is an appropriate alternative to the traditional methods of resolving every-day disputes.  It is not recommended in situations involving domestic violence, or where there are allegations of child abuse or neglect.



Forever Parents
Please note: This Class is on hold untill further notice.

​"Forever Parents" is a five-hour class that helps parents learn to parent effectively while living in separate households. 


The information presented is based on research that shows that children do best after divorce or separation when they are protected from parental conflict and when BOTH parents have active roles in their children's lives


Exceptions include unsafe family environments, such as a history of domestic violence or indications of child abuse and/or neglect.  Note: This program is temporarily on hold. 



The New York State Lemon Law statute provides a legal remedy for buyers
or lessees of new and used cars that turn out to be lemons.


Buyers or lessees can meet with a representative from the car manufacturer or dealership and present their to a specially trained Lemon Law Arbitrator.  The Arbitrator will review the evidence from both sides and make a decision as to whether or not the buyer or lessee is entitled to refund or replacement vehicle.

Common Ground offers customized conflict resolution training services for professionals and organizations. 


Our workshops are designed to incorporate both the practical and theoretical in conflict resolution to create a cooperative and supportive working environment.  Staff and managers alike will learn techniques to improve communication and to develop a better understanding of differing perspectives.